Thrift economy

Let’s talk about second hand computer stores. So my usb cord on my laptop charger suffered from a long and torturous death by fray. My first thought was to get a second hand charger from a shoddy computer shop down the street because there’s tons in my neighborhood. They’re sketchy looking, disorganized and not to be hateful but the owners are rude and look like they don’t get enough sunlight or nutrition (not that that matters, but just an observation y’know.) 

But who cares about the appearance right? For someone who is concerned with excessive technologies being produced and consumed today, I should think twice before buying certain new electronics anyways. Besides, my laptop might not even outlast my charger because it’s starting to show signs of death again.

However, as I stepped in the store, my confidence dwindled on buying used electronics. The store was in disarray and I can’t take a store seriously when they try and sell unrelated products, like sunglasses…(seriously!?) A series of questions and concerns started to form: Where did all these electronics and accessories come from? Are they legitimate? There wont be warranty for my product. He went behind the store and pulled out a charger out of a tupperware bin and told me it was cash only. Oh no, red flag. Cash only and disorganized? 

Fortunately/unfortunately I didn’t have cash with me, so I went to Bureau en Gros instead. The feeling upon stepping in a large business was so different compared to the used computer store. The lights, uniformed sales associates, shiny packaged goods all lined up, options, etc etc. I felt like I would be happy and secure with my new charger here–only it was priced triple times more. (YIKES). 

After buying it, I suffered from buyer’s remorse, as usual, and started to seriously question if this charger was even going to last longer than the used charger. This question will be left unknown but I decided to return it and buy the used charger. 

Used electronics have their own set of problems, I know. But a charger that still works is completely useless if it’s sitting in a bin. Priced at a third of the price of a new one, I felt like I needed to save the charger from obsolescence, and also my bank account. I also want to believe so badly that this used charger will last just as long as a new one. Only time will tell.

I have to admit I would think twice about buying certain products there, but for various accessories like adapters and chargers, it’s kind of important to recirculate them before they’re completely defunct. I think there’s a disconnect when tech stores look outdated because technology is synonymous with progress. When you see a tech store carry both decade old to the latest products, it just seems odd, doesn’t it? The thrift economy is already something that I find necessary but used electronic stores are often marginalized and should be reconsidered even if only for accessories.  


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