Podcast of the week:Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk, has nothing to do with spilled milk nor crying over spilled milk, but it has two very funny hosts who talk about food. Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton are two friends who-according to the podcast’s site-“combine food and comedy in a bowl and stir it up until it explodes.” Isn’t that enough to make you want to listen?

What I enjoy most about the show is that they choose very common food items like fried eggs, cereal, muffin, asparagus, spinach, grapefruit etc., and talk about it for the whole segment. You get to hear them talk about their childhood encounters with the food , hear them bite into the food and laugh along with them because they’re usually rolling on the ground laughing. I’d say the podcast is pretty¬†irresistible. (Is that weird to say about a show?) Maybe. I think I’m listening to too many shows about food. But really, is there such thing as too much when it comes to food? Okay. Yes. Maybe when you actually feel like your stomach is about to explode. Or literally explode. But that can’t happen when you’re listening to Spilled Milk! There’s 67 episodes out so far.

Warning: Listening to the show in public may cause you to laugh like a fool and everyone will look at you funny. Or just make you happy.

Top 3 favourites to get you rolling:

Ep 16: “Sour Cherries” – They make milkshakes with sour cherries. Enough said.

Ep 49: ” Peanut Butter” – An episode after my own heart.

Ep 53: “Dark Chocolate”- For all chocolate lovers.


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