Podcast of the week: Salt & Fat

salt and fat:

Hopefully I’ll post these up every week but for now I’d like to recommend a show you should listen to if you have time. This week I focused on one specific show that I didn’t mention in my previous post about my favourite podcasts.

Salt & Fat– If you love food and enjoy reading and watching all things related to food then this podcast is a winner. As I said earlier, the hosts of any show really influence the way I feel about the program and I’m happy to report that Salt & Fat is hosted by two very knowledgeable guys that are both designers and self-taught chefs, Jim Ray and Neven Mrgan.What I love about this show is that it’s just like a phone conversation between the two–actually, I’m sure that that’s what it is because they live in different cities.Right now they only have 14 episodes out and they are so good.

Here’s 3 shows from Salt & Fat to start off with:

Ep #2: Cooking with love: A show about cooking in or dining out on Valentine’s day and some tips on do’s and dont’s–very funny and informative.

Ep #8: Let’s make mistakes in the kitchen: As the title suggests. We’ve all been there!

Ep #10: Any Form of Cultured Dairy: Upgrading food rather than cheaper substitutes.


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