Podcast of the week: Radiolab


Another week, another podcast! You know that feeling you get when you discover a TV series and realize there’s at least 5 seasons of it and you go, ” YESSS, jackpot!”  Well this is how I feel with Radiolab. There are so many episodes I have yet to listen to and the majority of them are an hour long. I now find excuses to walk everywhere because it allows me to just tune in and listen. 

What is Radiolab? Well, they couldn’t have described it better: ” Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience” 

Seriously. I can’t get enough of this show. The host, Jad Abumrad and co-host Robert Krulwich, are so easy to listen to and they ask questions with great sensitivity. The show’s great stories are mostly told by the guests themselves, but the hosts help narrate the story. Sometimes the shows makes you go, *Huh* like 
About citizens over 60 who were caught buying…explosives to blow up federal offices in Atlanta,Georgia. 
Or a moving piece like:
About a mysterious connection between a composer and a biologist centering around dementia, obsession, creativity, and famous piece of music. 
Or get chills like:
On lucid dreaming, and learning to control one’s dream. This one was a lot of fun, and so well executed. The beginning on the guest’s story gave me the chills. It’s a combination ofInception and that cafe scene in Mulholland Dr. 
Seriously, listen to the podcast, you’ll love it. 

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